My name is Alessandro Tognetti. I have been managing my restaurant, Alex, with passion for 10 years, knowing that only by putting your heart and soul into this business you will achieve significant results. Alex, for me, is not just a place to go to for a meal; it’s my vision of life and catering; it’s the point of view from which I have decided to describe my world. Our world, Alex work with a great staff to make your experience Unique.
The ingredients, raw materials and recipes are all very important, essential even, but they’re not enough: the translation of a concept, a feeling, into a dish is to me what the art of cooking is all about. And all of this would mean nothing anyway, without the perfect combination of food and wine, without hospitality, the right ambience or the attention of the staff taking care of us during our meal.

We could call our menu “glocal” cuisine, it encapsulates in one dish far away lands with the soul of Versilia.
Maybe also for this reason we have had some great satisfactions, getting prestigious praise from some of the most qualified guide books, like the Michelin guide, that has confirmed our “2 Michelin forks” status since 2007.

Thanks to careful planning, with our chef Marco and our sommelier Simone, the restaurant and kitchen are always managed perfectly with or without me being present. This way, the restaurant Alex, can guarantee the same standards of food and hospitality all year round. An important goal for me to achieve was to guarantee the same quality at all times to everybody who appreciates our restaurant.


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To reserve your table:

tel. +390584746070

The restaurant is open in the evenings throughout the year.

Open on Sundays and holidays also LUNCH.

Giorni di chiusura invernali: Martedì e Mercoledì. Da Giugno a Settembre aperti tutti i giorni.