When choosing a place to eat location is really important. Although the food is the main draw, a beautiful view, nice interiors and a unique setting can make all the difference. Versilia has everything it needs to be loved by everyone. I was born here so I might be biased, but no one can deny that this corner of Tuscany is truly unique.
I like travelling and do so as soon as I get the chance to, but I chose to live and work in Versilia. Not just because I’m from here, but because I haven’t found a place with such a diverse environment as this anywhere else.
In Versilia you can enjoy the sea and the mountains at the same time, with the sharp peaks of the Apuan Alps sloping rapidly to the sea. You can admire the beauty of the mountains from the sea or enjoy beautiful views from the highest peaks, and maybe even catch a glimpse of Corsica on a clear day.
If you’re bathing in the sea, try turning your head towards land and looking for that immense mountain called “Pizzo d’Uccello”, slightly covered by clouds on a september day, after the storms of august have cleared the air and the sea is flat.
Versilia also has a wide variety of traditions, culture, magical places and bars and clubs that are open all night. This land has been familiar with hospitality for a long time and can distinguish the various types of people who love to spend time here. This is why it offers places to go for a relaxing stroll, after a nice dinner perhaps, and places where you can go and have fun until the early hours of the morning and wait for the sunrise to have breakfast with freshly baked pastries and bread. Versilia is also great if you love sports, from kitesurfing to surfing, and rock climbing to mountain biking or something more relaxing like hiking.

So, if you’re wondering if Versilia can be an enhancement for a restaurant like mine, I must say “yes, it is”. And I think all my colleagues, who own excellent restaurants would say the same as, every night, they endeavour to please those who have the most demanding and refined palates, and love to spend their time in this wonderful corner of the world. Because, in case you haven’t realized this yet, people in Versilia love to eat great food and enjoy all the good things life has to offer.